How can I be a good partner? – Edición en Ingles


Why is my partner unfaithful to me? What aspects of a relationship are negotiable and which are not? What is the origin of the abuse, routine and jealousy? The number of doubts that surround a couple seem to be endless, many of them are answered in How can I be a good Partner, the first book written by the Psychologist Belkys Carrillo, where it is clarified how personal beliefs affect the coexistence with the beloved person and why sex, communication and the projects in common are decisive ingredients for a healthy relationship. The author stresses that if those two persons only share sex, they are lovers; if they communicate well with each other, they are friends, and if they only have projects in common, they are business partners: rest assured that only those who have all three columns will be in a real couple relationship. In spite of the fact that these pages are not intended to be an infallible guide, it has a lot to do, in essence, with an invitation to take an inner look at ourselves and inside that unique and non-transferrable universe that is the personality of each individual, to find issues to be resolved and the attributes to be strengthened in order to successfully complete the voyage of a couple which always starts with ourselves.

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